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"LBGMF Empowering Families and Youth to Build A Resilient Community"

Vision: LBGMF aimed to position itself as the Unifying Hub of the Lost Boys and Girls and South Sudanese-Canadians, envisioning the world where children's rights are protected, families and youth empowered

The Lost Boys and Girls Memorial Foundation (LBGMF) is a non-profit entity registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at the advent of the 20th Anniversary of the resettlement of the Lost Boys and Girls in Canada. The LBGMF provides a platform that unites and empowers the Lost Boys and Girls and South Sudanese-Canadians.

 LBGMF provides Family and Youth Enriched programs and services to enhance successful integration into Canadian Society by preserving history/cultural values, adapting Canadian mainstream culture, and recognizing their successes while working to eradicate injustices among children at the national and the international level. 

The Foundation mobilizes and organizes the Lost Boys and Girls and the larger South Sudanese-Canadians, by empowering families through family enriched programs/services and educating youth on essential life skills, providing career counselling, job coaching, finance education, communication skills, crimes, and law/mental health/addiction education and support, and South Sudanese culture integrated with the mainstream Canadian culture.

Mission:  LBGMF provides a platform that unites the Lost Boys and Girls and South Sudanese-Canadians through the community empowerment by empowering families and youth, preservation of their history/heritage and recognition of their current successes, and working to eradicate injustices among children around the globe. Together, our work is guided by the following values, Inclusivity, Respect, Integrity, Participation, Teamwork, and Relationships building.

LBGMF also supports newcomers by offering emotional support and community orientation to get to know other South Sudanese who arrived before them and had gained Canadian experience.  

The name “The Lost Boys and Girls of (South) Sudan” refers to a group of over 20,000 African children who were displaced or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005), in which more than 2 million people were killed, and others were severely affected. 

It is estimated that over 5,000 lost boys and Girls resettled in Canada between the years 2000-2005. Those who survived were scattered in refugee camps, which included Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and Ethiopia. From the year 2000, many found resettlement opportunities in Canada, USA and Australia through the official resettlement programs. 

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