LBGMF Canada

"Empower A Family, Build A Resilient Community"

Get Involved

Your help is essential so please join us in becoming part of the LBGMF efforts by choosing the ways you can best offer your support.

Donate to Us

We need your financial support to accomplish our goals. Every dollar donated makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our CHILDREN, FAMILIES and COMMUNITIES.  

Your gift may be made by check, credit cardcash to the order of Lost Boys and Girls Memorial Foundation (LBGMF). If you would like to designate funds for a specific program, please contact us to share your thoughts or to learn more about ways you can help.


We need your talents. How are you at fund-raising? Do you have technical or communication skills you would like to offer? With so many diverse projects, there are numerous opportunities for you to contribute. Look at our programs and let us know if you believe you can help us on a specific project or just want to offer your time.

Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships

We can’t do it alone and welcome sponsorships and partnership opportunities. Are you interested in a particular project or involved in similar work? 

Call us to discuss your ideas. If your organization’s mission or charitable goals are compatible with those of the LBGMF, let us know how we can work together.