LBGMF Canada

"Empower A Family, Build A Resilient Community"

Black-Canadian students Support

This is an initiative designed by Lost Boys and Girls Memorial Foundation to helped Saskatchewan and Alberta Black Canadian students in high schools to experience equity and inclusion in the school system. 

The statistic indicates that Black Canadian students high school drops out to second to that of First Nation students compared to the mainstream Canadian students due to lack of support in the school system, isolation and inequality in how their issues are address by the school administration and teachers. 

There had been an outcry from Black Canadian Families, students and advocate to make changes but there had been no changes done to this day this in reference to Edmonton CBC News headline: Edmonton schools failing Black students, advocates say July 25, 2020 7am

There had been also outcry in Saskatchewan by the Black students for an education system that include Black history in the curricular so other students can get educated about Black history.

Programs and Services

  • LBGMF develops, implements and evaluates effectiveness of programs and services that provide student support, advice and referrals related to various issues and challenges unique to Black students and their families.
  • LBGMF creates and conducts assessments of student services and programs with the goals of assisting Black students to enhance their academic success to graduate successful from high school
  • LBGMF conducts research and gathers feedback from the community members and Black students to develop on-going programs to address growing needs
  • LBGMF collaborates with both Catholic and Public school division to improve outcomes related to the equity, inclusion, retention, and successful graduation rate of Black students from high schools in Saskatchewan
  • Develops educational programs to educate Black students, the mainstream Canadian students and teachers on Black history and heritage to diminished prejudice about Black and create unity and peaceful co-existence in the school community.
  • Establishes a community among Black students by offering an ongoing program of activities to encouraged student, involvement, and achievement
  • Provides training sessions, workshops, and resources for administrators, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Coordinates with the school guiding counselors when a Black student is choosing classes gearing towards their dream career
  • Tracks the progress of Black students through routine meetings and interactions.